Earthy Green and Pink Branding and Website Design for Creativity Consultant – Lien Potgieter

Company Description: Lien Potgieter is the founder of Lien Potgieter Creative Consultancy. She is an award-winning editor and communications specialist turned creativity consultant. She teaches corporate companies how to future-proof their organisations by cultivating a culture of creativity.

Design Brief: Lien required a complete brand identity designed for her company as well as a website. Her brief to us was that she wanted a site that was fresh and creative, feminine and elegant, yet with a professional feel as many of her clients are corporate companies.

Mood Board

Website Design

Website Design

Logo Design

Visual Style Guide

Lead Magnet Design & Setup

Outcome: With the brand discovery process we were able to clarify Lien’s values, her company’s mission and vision, and the overall look and feel she was looking for on her website. We discovered what she liked, elements such as fine line drawings, fresh flowers, flow, circles and faces. And the colours green, pink and rose gold. After distilling her brand essence we created a mood board, using colours, textures and imagery which set the tone for the rest of the creative work. Next up we designed a company logo, as well as a visual style guide, made up of the main logo, alternative logo, submarks, font selection, colour palette, patterns and brand elements. This was used in the web design process, where the aim was to create a website that represented the company’s focus with Lien’s authentic style displayed throughout the site.

“I am extremely happy with the end product, you exceeded my expectations! I valued the attention, love and care that you put into your work. It really feels like you have my best interests at heart!”

Lien Potgieter

Founder, Lien Potgieter Creativity Consultancy