Hourly Rates

Our current rate for hourly and additional projects.

For Website Care Plan Clients

Our rate is currently R550/hr billed in 15min increments.

For Non-Plan Clients

Our rate is currently R750/hr billed in 15min increments.

Why the different rate? Because jumping into a site that has not been routinely updated, secured and maintained by us often leads to much more backend work even for fairly simple updates. It’s one of the main reasons we highly recommend joining our monthly website care plan. By trusting us to look after your site and keep it running smoothly month to month, we’re happy to offer a discounted rate on updates, revisions and additions.

While full projects are estimated at a fixed rate, we offer our hourly rate for things like quick website updates, one-off development additions and graphic design work for current and past clients. If you’re already a client, you know we work fast and always provide the most timely, efficient service. We get as many details we can upfront then provide an estimate of hours before moving forward.

Reach out with any questions or to set up a retainer of hours for some website updates!